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Inside Lightsaber!! 

OK, now normally, while I’m a Star Wars geek, I don’t tend to reblog a ton of SW stuff. This, though… this just had me drooling over all the craftsmanship. Brilliantly done. 

It cuts. Not like in the movies. It’s contained in glass instead of plasma or magnetic containment. Neat first generation prototype. Fragile and requires everyone to wear special glasses to avoid blindness.

You know if I’m reblogging Star Wars, it’s got to be something really cool.

Wow yes sign me up for a lot of these

I’ll take 500 please.

…..A …..a real lightsaber…….


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I did a thing for a DS/3DS fanbook. I actually really liked my WIP version so… I kept it haha. 

Thinking back, Phoenix’s life is full of hardship but I like that at every stage, he had a bunch of friends and family to support him.

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