US/UK Stuff (and a couple of other things) Giveaway!

Sorry for doing another giveaway so soon! I just need to get rid of some of my extra things. I actually meant to get this up sooner, but stuff kept coming up. I also realized as I was making this that no one probably wants any of my crap, but oh well. Hopefully someone will be able to give it all a home!

What You Can Win:

  • US/UK Totebag (with some cute France, Canada, and Sealand, too)
  • US/UK Pillowcase (which is super soft btw)
  • US/UK Notepad
  • America plushie
  • England plushie
  • A set of stamps (1 America, 1 England, 1 Amerimochi, and a random squid- I’m not sure where that fits in the equation but oh well)
  • Not US/UK, but 2 Hetalia themed bandanas (1 of the Axis Powers and 1 of Prussia)


  • You can reblog twice a day.
  • Likes count.
  • You do not need to be following me. Following me will not increase your chances of winning, either. (You’re welcome to, though, if you like)
  • I will ship internationally!
  • Giveaway ends Friday, June 22 at midnight CST. Winner will be chosen that weekend.
  • There will be one winner who will be chosen with’s number generator.
  • Winner will be notified through ask box, so be sure to have that open or you can’t receive your prize. If the winner does not reply within 2 days or their ask box is closed, another winner will be chosen.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

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