I’m giving away these things because there things that i dont really use anymore, so i thought i can give it to someone who will use it(: theres not a lot of stuff, but they are worth a lot of money(:

  • Canon S100 camera ($430.00)
  • Nail Polishes of many different colors ($30.00)
  • Beats by Dre, White & Red ($250.00)
  • Chanel iPhone 4/4S Case ($25.00)
  • Purple iPhone 4/4S Case signed by Greyson Chance ($20.00)
  • White iPhone 4/4S Case ($5.00)
  • Nintendo DS ($200.00)
  • Nintendo ($120.00)
  • TWO First Generation iPads ($400.00 each, $800.00 together)
  • iPad Cover with keyboard ($45.00)
  • White iPhone 4 32 GB, used but is restarted. ($400.00, no scratches)
  • Black iPhone 4S 32 GB, used but is restarted. ($550.00, no scratches)
  • Angry Birds 3D iPhone 4/4s case ($35.00)
  • 13 inch Silver MacBook Pro ($1,300.00)
  • 13 inch Blue Macbook Pro ($1,300.00 without the case, $1,500 with the case)
  • Up All Night Album by One Direction ($25.00)
  • One Direction wristbands, with all their names on them ($20.00)
  • Justin Bieber Believe Album ($25.00)
Rules are very simple!
  • MUST BE FOLLOWING ME, h4yle-y, or your reblog will not count. 
  • You can reblog this as many times as you want, the more the higher of a chance you win
  • A site will pick a random person who will win.
  • I ship anywhere around the world (you dont need to pay anything)
  • Your ask box should be open
  • If you win, i will send you a message, if you do not reply in 48 hours, then i will have to choose another person to win. 
  • The winner will be anounced on August 1st(:
  • Buy me food and you will win
  • lol just kidding about the food part
Tumblr didnt let me put all the pictures because its a poop
My ask box is open for any questions you might have!
i also follow back, so you do this giveaway, AND you get a follow back(:

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